Fit in 50

Our ‘Fit in 50’ package is an online 50-day challenge, where we encourage you to become fitter, create better habits and healthier food choices.  This time around, we have introduced the buddy discount option for couples or 2 friends who want to work together and spur each other on.  The challenge includes the following:

  • access to workouts that can be completed at home or in a local gym
  • a weekly Facebook Live workout or Q&A on exercise and nutrition streamed from our Gym
  • access to Gym Gair Recipe packs, helping you to make healthier meals
  • an online community to keep you motivated when the going gets tough
  • weekly accountability using a tracker
  • encouragement and motivation from your coaches

This is not treated as a diet, there will be no meal replacement shakes!  We will show you how to make significant progress without extreme measures.

To book your space on the Winter Fit in Fifty, starting in October, click here.  Limited spaces available, so you will need to act quick to avoid disappointment!

See our testimonials for client reviews of Fit in Fifty, we have had great results with clients using this service.

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