ZE Run

Our ZE Run group is one of our most popular group-based services.  It keeps members committed and inspired by each other.  We meet on Thursday nights all year round, and we build towards races or just help runners to improve speed and fitness levels.  Even on some of the grimmest nights of weather, we have had numbers in the thirties, which we never thought possible when the group started in 2015.

We also have a 5k race once per month on a Saturday morning.  They are hugely successful, and in turn have helped the runners lower their 5k, 10K, half and full marathon times.

The group has achieved some great results over the years, with many runners managing PBs in 5k, 10K and half marathons.  In 2018 we took a squad of 16 runners to the Edinburgh Marathon Festival to compete in the 10k, half and full marathon, and most of the runners got personal bests and 6 runners qualified for the Boston Marathon for 2019.  We have also had great times posted at the Inverness half marathon, Shetland Simmer Dim and various 10k’s around Shetland.

Recently we have enjoyed hosting Q&A sessions, providing our ZE Runners with education on a host of topics.  During lockdown, we were lucky to have talks with Matt Phillips of Run, Chat, Live and Mike James the Endurance Physio.  They were hugely educational and provided a lot of actionable tips and advice for ourselves and our runners.

Our members span from Scalloway to Slovenia, showing that you do not have to be based in Shetland to benefit from the training and education that the coaches at ZE Run provide.  We love seeing how far flung our ZE Runners t-shirts go, a few of the group were invited to our sponsor’s boat launch in Fosnavag in Norway in 2019, and we managed to fit in a group run before the event.  We are very thankful for the annual sponsorship that the Zephyr Fishing Company contributes towards our club.

Membership Details

3 Months: £65.00

6 Months: £120.00

12 Months: £215.00

Standing Order: £23.00/month (please set a standing order up for the start of each month)

Get in touch with us for more information and details on the membership plans and what’s coming up!