Running Plans

We cater for runners of all abilities and experience from 5k right up to Marathons. We advise that you follow a plan for 12-16 weeks depending on distance and your goals. We will tailor a plan specific to your current form. Our plans have successfully helped over 50 runners to personal bests so far. We have 4 different options to choose from as follows:

Bronze – £49.00:

A bespoke running plan detailing all your runs including paces, intensity and distance. We will help you build towards your goal time rather as burning you out!

Silver – £99.00:

The bronze package plus the following:

  • A detailed tracker to help you with accountability
  • A weekly check-in from your coach (ideal for adapting your plan)
  • Knowledge on how to carb load in the days leading up to race day, and fuel during the event
  • A strength and conditioning plan for you to follow for either body weight or in the gym
  • Your heart zones calculated for you, so you know which intensities to train at for different workouts

Gold – £149.00:

The bronze and silver packages plus the following:

  • Bespoke nutritional plans for a rest day, short run and long day run
  • One Inbody scan before the plan begins, to detail your starting point
  • A detailed carb load meal plan for the 48 hours leading up to and including race day.

Platinum – £175.00

The bronze, silver and gold package plus the following:

  • A body composition scan (rrp £30/reading) at the beginning and end of the plan, detailing skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate and body water levels. It is non-invasive and pain-free, a great way to track your progress from start to finish.

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