Nutritional Action Plan

Russell worked hard to become a qualified evidence-based nutritionist through MNU in Loughbourgh. We can now offer Nutritional Action Plans to help you make better choices and achieve your goals.  Below we will explain how this service works:

1 – Initial Contact

We will send you a Pre-Consultation Form for you to complete and return to us. Once this has been received we can then go on to arrange your consultation. Before your consultation can take place we require:

  1. A completed pre-consultation form
  2. A 1 or 2-day food diary (we include this in the pre-consultation)
  3. Optional: You may bring/email any relevant information (e.g. medical records, blood work, training plans) to be discussed within your consultation)
2 – The Consultation

You will meet with Russell either at Gym Gair or remotely via Zoom/Skype/Facetime.  This will be a 60-minute consultation.  At this point, we will arrange an Inbody scan, which can provide us with more detail, enabling us to accurately programme accordingly.

3 – Start Progressing Towards Your Goal

Within 5 working days, we will email you with your extensive feedback notes & supplementation plan.

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