Online Training

Hybrid Personal TrainingOnline Coaching – £59 per month

Online training is ideal for busy people, looking for expert advice from highly qualified coaches. It is affordable, flexible and allows you to workout and eat healthily to your schedule.

  • You will gain access to PT Distinction, an online hub where you will can select workouts to do at home or in the gym, track your progress and receive information on nutrition, exercise and mindset. This normally retails at £180 per year.
  • Once weekly Facebook Live workouts with us, a great way to go over technique and answer any queries as well.
  • You will receive Gym Gair Recipe packs monthly, which cater for all dietary requirements covering breakfast, lunch, main meals and snacks/side dishes.
  • We will calculate your daily calories, and macronutrient split, to help you work towards your chosen goals. We also provide example meal plans for both training and rest days
  • You will have a weekly check in so we can monitor your progress or make any changes to activity levels or nutrition
  • Motivation & Encouragement from 2 coaches, who will help you set and form new habits towards a healthier lifestyle
  • You will have access to a closed Facebook group and you will get instant access to our Fit in Fifty challenges at no extra charge, being part of the community, with interesting content and education on offer

Hybrid Training – £99/month

Hybrid training includes all of the Online Coaching service plus the following:

  • Online coaching with a once per calendar month coached session in the Gym Gair Gym or delivered remotely via Zoom. This gives you the opportunity to build on technique, adapt programmes and a great chance to have a face to face chat about your progress
  • Ideal for busy people who have access to a gym but are still looking for accountability, programming and monthly face to face to work on technique
  • You will have 2 coaches on hand via email weekly to submit your activity tracker and ask for advice. You will remain part of the Facebook group, where we share recipes, advice & encouragement
  • All the benefits of 1-2-1 training are included, but at a more affordable price point


Contact us if you would like to sign up to one of these services or for more information