December 2020

Here we are in December, to finish off a very strange year!  We have spent a lot of time doing Zooms and Facebook Live sessions, but we have enjoyed it and looking forward to see what 2021 brings.  Our clients have adapted really well to our new way of delivering training and we are delighted to see some of them back in the gym.  We look forward to the day we can welcome more back through the door, but we just have to be patient for now.

We have enjoyed a couple of fresh walks up north at the North Hams and out to Uyea, which is our favourite hike to do.  The weather was cold and windy but thankfully it stayed dry, and we enjoyed some spectacular coastal weather!

Our Fit in 50 challenge was really successful and came to a close on 16th December.  It is great to see people make progress, especially in December – the trickiest month of the year!  Many of the group have continued on with either online training or our live circuits and it is great to have them involved with the Gym Gair Team.  It is so important to keep fit and healthy, especially with the current situation with COVID-19 and we are happy to help.

We took our first annual leave of the year to enjoy the festive break.  Due to the restrictions, we spent Christmas just the 2 of us and had a lovely day.  We took the 2 weeks to recharge the batteries and relax!  We missed our families and friends, but hopefully this COVID Christmas will be a one off!

We would like to take this chance to thank all of our clients for supporting us through this challenging year, without you there would be no Gym Gair and we are truly thankful for keeping our spirits high in 2020.  Right 2021, let’s be having you!!