November – Winter is here!

Week 1:  We have arrived into winter good and proper!  Wind & rain with the occasional fine day thrown in here and there.  We have kicked off November with our Live Circuit Classes, which are very popular and it is great to see everyone taking part.  Keeping fit over the winter is important, not just for your body but your mind as well.  If this is something that takes your fancy, head to our online shop to buy your space.  We have a catalogue of 30 workouts now, so plenty of variety to choose from, with a new live one each Monday night at 6pm.

We have had a busy week in the gym and treated our ZE runners to a new session this week on the track.  It was a horrible night of weather and they all did really well to keep the tempo up into the wind.

We had a weekend of ‘nicer’ weather, so we were busy getting the outside of the house ‘trigged’ up on Saturday and spent a fresh few hours up at Eshaness on Sunday for a walk.  It was great to see so many people walking along the cliffs and enjoying the fresh air.  We also took a drive through to Heylor and trip to the new Hufsie Box in Ollaberry for a peerie treat, lovely homebakes indeed!

Week 2:   It has been another busy week in the Gym Gair gym, with plenty of clients coming in through the door.  The Fit in 50 challenge is well underway and everyone is doing really well making some new habits and getting more active, keep up the good work team!  This week has seen a few of our lockdown restrictions being lifted, including allowing some visitors into our home.  We have spent a bit of time with both families and it is great to see them again.  We headed to the Bonhoga to see the craft fair exhibitions on show and to enjoy the delicious cakes in the cafe!

Week 3:  What a week of weather, we have had every season possible!  Flying gales, torrential rain with flooding in places, haily puckles (hail stones), the odd rumble of thunder and the occasional glimpse of the sun.  Trying to keep our clients motivated to get out and move has been a bit more difficult!  The joys of the Shetland winters.

While stuck indoors, we have enjoyed a couple of live talks from Matt Phillips, we really enjoy listening to his words of wisdom.  We have been keeping our Fit in 50 clients going with a live seminar & a live HIIT session along with providing content on all things health and fitness.  We have also been working on our own health and fitness by cooking up healthy Gym Gair recipes and doing our own workouts too.

Week 4:  Another busy week at Gym Gair with a full gym schedule and Fit in 50 underway.  We have delivered the group more content on weight loss and habits, along with their weekly workout, which showed them how to do a full body workout using minimal equipment in a small space.

We had our first socially distant 5k with the ZE Run group on a fine Saturday morning, we gave everyone a staggered start time so there would be no bunching or grouping.  First over the line was Neil Arthur for the men and Alina Murray for the ladies.  Well done to everyone who took part!

We finished off the month with a live HIIT session to Facebook & Instagram, a great way to set you up for the week.  Our monthly live circuit classes start on the 7th December, if you wish to sign up click here to book your space!  There are over 30 workouts to choose from in the group, and they are a lot of fun too.